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The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics provides a Computer Science BSc. programme in English.


Computer Science BSc.


The Computer Science major falls into the field of Information Technology Training where you will learn the bundamentals of Informatics and mathematics. During the courses the students will learn about the principles of software development, but topics such as the design and analysis of algorithms, computer graphics and the fundamentals of artificial intelligence are also among the lessons.
You can familiarize yourself with higher level programming languages, compilers, programming technologies, programming environments, database systems, assembly languages, system engineering fundamentals, and information systems. You can pick and choose from optional lessons such as: data modeling, network architectures, computer graphics and geometry, mathematical methods in informatics.
During your studies there will be a compulsory 6 week long internship. This internship should be preferably spent at a third party company of your choice having its main profile in the fields of informatics or software development. The department will assist finding the place if necessary.

What can you do with this profession?

As a Computer Program Designer you design and develop software. As a part of this, you measure the requirements of the customer (define what is expected from the software), you create a model for it (deside which tools to use, design the software architecture and the database) and code algorithms. You test the written code, modify, and deploy it. You might create user oriented applications like games, webpages, mobile applications, etc. Or you might design and develop multimedia-applications.

Typical jobs:

  • application developer
  • web app developer
  • software engineer
  • programmer
  • system engineer

You can fill in IT jobs at commercial and industrial companies, local governments, and other governmental bodies as well. Your skills are particularly suited to run your own independent start-up as well.

How to apply?

Graduate from secondary school with one of your subject being mathematics, and one chosen from physics or informatics, or a preparatory professional subject (rudiments of informatics). You can find more information on how to apply here.

Study duration:

6 semesters

Study location:

Your studies will be conducted at Leányka street 4, Eger, Hungary, the part of the institution designated as Building "C" situated at the Leányka street campus. The campus provides possibilities for sport, entertainment, and meals.

Language exam requirement:

For the Bachelor of Science degree one is also expected to attain at least in one foreign language a state certified intermediate (B2) language exam in which professional literature for this discipline exists.


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