Our professor received Talent Support Prize

last modification : 2015. március 23.

Dr. Sándor Király recieved the MOL for Talent Support Prize in Budapest.


The MOL New Europe Foundation supports young talents, and teachers working with them since 2006. So far, more than 60 junior coach and talent teachers received the MOL Talent Award, which is given to those who have achieved good results in several decades of work. Furthermore, who are also suitable to provide a good personal and professional example for young people.

„For a child the background support of the parents is inevitable. However, it is also vital to have devoted pedagogues who can inspire their students with their expertise and their whole personality, who can effectively participate in the formation of the young talents' lives and in launching their career. We also know that in order to achieve outstanding success both the teacher and the student need stamina and diligence. MOL Talent Support Prize would like to focus the attention to this prominent work" – said Szabolcs I. Ferenc Senior Vice President of MOL Corporate Affairs, Curator of the Foundation.

Nine teachers performing exemplary work were awarded the MOL Talent Support Prize, with our professor, Dr. Sándor Király among them.

The webpage of the MOL Talent Support Prize is awailable here.



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