BeeSmarter mobile programming competition

last modification : 2015. március 23.

The MAVE and the PPKE-ITK together with the MOME, organized for the third time the BeeSmarter 24 hours mobil programing and designer team competition. From our software engineers, the BeerSmarter team participated.

In the semifinal, that required the teams to create a mobile app with biometric authentication (analisis of the keystroke and typing habbits of the user), the BeerSmarter team was among the bests and achieved the fourth position. By this, they became entitled to participate in the final competition on the 7-8th of March.

The main goal of the finals was to create a mobile app in the theme of "health and fitness", using external sensors (e.g. temperature, blood pressure, pedometer and pulse sensor that communicate via bluetooth). The competition encorporated the bidding for the sensors and for designer teams, where the previously collected points provided the financial basis.

At the end the BeerSmarter team, consisting of: Csaba Szugyiczki, Imre Kaszab, Csaba Pádár, ended up on the fith position. Moreover, the EPAM Systems (golden rank supporter of the competition) awarded their solution with a special award.

The webpage of the competiton is awailable here.

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